Sunday, February 20, 2011

Party Princess

One year ago, I was obsessively checking the website for Ke-Li's Golden Acres, knowing that there wouldn't be any new photos of the newest litter.  There were 12 of them, all little balls of golden fur.  We knew one of them was ours, but we didn't know which one.  From February to April I checked the website 2 or 3 times a week for new photos, glad that I wasn't going to have to choose which adorable little face would be coming home with me.  Although I did end up having to choose between Abby and a sister.  On the day that my sister and I went to pick up my puppy, Abby was playful, and affectionate, and liked to give kisses.  That was our puppy.

Over the past year, Abby has given us a lot of love, some headaches, and millions of kisses.  She makes me laugh almost every day.

We've watched her grow, and taught her tricks.  We've learned what sort of treats she loves, that she is incredibly social, and likes to go visit people or have people come to visit her.  She also enjoys trips to her vet, which might seem odd, but she gets lots of attention at the vet's office.

Abby loves to swim, be it in a big pool, or in her wading pool on the deck.  She doesn't like the dark or heat, and she thinks snow is the best thing in the world.

She adores peanut butter, chasing cats, and vanilla ice cream.  When we go shopping, she knows there will almost always be something for her in one of the bags.

We've graduated basic and intermediate training classes, and Abby pouts on Sunday afternoons when we aren't loading up to go to class. 

Yesterday our little puppy had her 1st birthday.  She got her birthday treat from Moochie & Co. and  a cake that sings "Happy Birthday".  Nick found her hat on sale at Old Navy.  We really don't make our dog wear hats all the time.  And teaching her to sit with a treat in front of her as big a huge accomplishment.  Abby's never met a treat she didn't like!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cricut Cards

I recently discovered that I can make greeting cards with my Cricut.  It's really perfect because it's a quick little project and with teaching full time, and being a full time Masters student, my project time is limited until spring and summer breaks.  I didn't think to take pictures of the processes, but I do have pics of the final products. 

I also made this card for my cousin's birthday. 

I think my favorite part of making cards is that you can also make the envelopes to go with them.  My cricut isn't big enough to do them, but luckily my co-worker has none that is bigger than mine and very kindly loaned it to me for cutting out envelopes.  I did all mine in plain white but I jazzed one up for the birthday card.

I'm loving this new hobby.  Now I'm on the look-out for new cartidges to expand my card-making capabilities!

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