Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I love Spring.  It's by far one of my favorite seasons.  I think one of the best things is the way spring comes to southern Indiana.  Maybe it's the same everywhere but since this is where I live, this is what I know.  Be it the case or not, winter seemed to be especially brutal this year.  I love a good snow day as much as anyone but come on!!  I told my brother-in-law I was convinced that all the snow days was God's practical joke on us for wishing for snow days.  I think every teacher was really kicking themselves when we were 4 make-up days into June.  Finally it got into the 40's and all the snow began to melt.  That seemed like a huge gift.  And then all the sudden we had a day in 60's.  It was like that single day was the eye opener for everyone.  All the sudden the students at school and all the teachers were in a great mood.  On that pretty day I really started to look around and notice all the robins jumping around my yard, which was starting to green up already.  And I noticed for the first time that the flower bulbs I'd planted in a rush one afternoon in the midst of preparing our home for Nick to move in, and getting ready for our wedding were coming up.  I'd almost forgotten about them. 

I find it amazing how just one day that hints at Spring can change a person's perspective.  Winter is dreary at the end.  Sure it's great to have snow at Christmas but by February it's just down right depressing.  But then there's a hint of Spring that reminds us what is coming.  However, like all things there is a downside...at least for husbands.  As I'm sitting here in my husband's chair, writing this, I've noticed robins are building a nest in what appears to be our gutters in the front of the house.  That might explain why they don't work so well....

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