Friday, April 23, 2010

Surviving the Beast we call Abby

I find it interesting that "they" say that you should have a plant before a serious relationship.  I guess it makes sense in theory but I find it difficult to see how watering a plant is an effective measure of one's readiness for a relationship.  Nick and I tested those waters, though, when we got Abby.  We figured if we could handle a little puppy without killing her (or each other), we might be able to handle children one day.  In the two weeks since she's been here, it's become very obvious who the disciplinarian is and who the nurturer is.  For anyone who's ever seen my husband, they would immediately think he's the one handing out the punishments for biting, going to the bathroom on the carpet, and chewing on things that puppies aren't meant to chew on.  But if you think my husband is the one taking care of scolding for those things, you would be wrong. 

I think it's pretty funny that Nick is a big guy but his no is not very forceful and Abby normally looks for a second and continues doing what she was doing in the first place.  And when he scolds her, he immediately feels guilty and starts petting her.

But even with all her chewing and peeing on the carpet, Abby has been a lot of fun.  Every afternoon when I come home, I think she's grown bigger than she was when I left.  And she's starting to learn how to tell us that she needs to go outside.  She's changing so fast; it's amazing to see what she'll do next.  Abby's also been a great lesson for us too...we are definitely not ready for any other small beings running around our house!

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  1. I think it might have a little something to do with the education background as well. =) It's the same at our house, the exception being really big things. That's the one time Eli can lay down the law and not pet the dogs when they do what he told them to not do.