Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

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Another project I did for my sister's baby shower was tissue paper pom-poms.  I made them in pink, chocolate brown, and white, although the white ones fell down so we just left them down.  These were super easy to make and looked really cute hanging around.  I've seen them made two different ways.  You can use the styrofoam and hot glue method.  I used the Martha Stewart method, basically just because I had the stuff for that method. 

To start with, you need 8-10 sheets of tissue paper, stacked on top of each other.  Then starting at the end, you need to do an accordion fold all the way down the paper. 

Next, I fold the paper in half so I keep the sides even.  At the crease, I tied fishing line with long tails to make it easy to hang.  Martha's instructions said to use floral wire, but I found fishing line MUCH easier to deal with.  If you don't tie the knot tight enough, you just pull on the tails and it tightens up.

It's tough to see, but there's fishing line there.  After you tie the fishing line, I cut the ends of the paper to make it look more decorative.  You can round the ends, so do a point.  I cut the ends into a point because it's easier.

Next, fan out the ends as much as possible.  I found it's easier to seperate the layers that way.

The next step is seperating layers.  Take one layer of the tissue and pull it toward the center. 

Make sure you pull the layer loose all the way to the center where the fishing line is. If you don't pull it to the center, it won't look right when you're finished.

Pull apart the layers of tissue paper on both sides of the center until about half of the sheets are seperated.

Next, flip the pom-pom over and follow the same steps with the other half.

Once you and finished, you should have a full pom-pom.  You may have to adjust the layers a little once you hang it.

And here's a photo of one hanging at the baby shower.  They made a nice backdrop.  I might even make some little ones to hang in my classroom.

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