Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th on the Farm

Last year, the 4th of July became a big deal for my husband's family.  Nick and his brother bought fireworks, we had a cookout, and Nick and his brothers had a great time embracing their inner teenager setting off fireworks.

Our nieces and nephews LOVED the fireworks, and have been looking forward to this year's celebration since the last one ended.  Our oldest niece is 6, and asked Nick almost every time she saw him if he would set off more fireworks for the 4th of July.

If the kids thought that last year was fun, this year would've been more fun x 10.  This year's festivities included a trip to Tennessee (our vacation with a stop at the fireworks superstore), A LOT more people, and TONS more food.  My husband likes to smoke things his smoker...with wood chips and such.  There's really no way to word that sentence that doesn't make him seem a little suspect.  =)  Anyway, there were 2 pork shoulders, a pork loin, some smoked sausage, and 12! whole chickens, plus all kinds of other stuff.  I made homemade BBQ sauce...3 was ridiculous, and the sad thing was there wasn't much left over.

When  we left Tennessee, Nick put all of our luggage in the back seat of my car.  Why, you ask?  I'll show you why...

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate with our plans, and the fireworks show had to be postponed to our county fair week when the family will all be home again.  I'm sure the cattle can't wait for the noise!


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  1. Poor Nick :)
    The food was fantastic though! I'm gonna have to get the BBQ sauce recipes from you sometime!