Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Fair Week

When I married a cattle farmer, and learned how to help with the cows, I knew there would be a lot of things I'd do that I never imagined I'd do.  This week at the fair has been no exception.  There's been a lot of experiences I didn't see myself in 10 years ago.  I'll share a list of those things....

  • I've had the side of my foot stomped by the steer...hard!  I've been stepped on before the this one HURT
  • I was peed on
  • I was pooped on
  • I got drenched with the hose "accidentally" while my husband was washing calves.  Stay away from our wash pen...you will get wet.
  • I fell off the tractor
  • My new boots gave me blisters
  • I sat in the cattle barn in the heat
  • I shared the fans with the heifers, who were fine with that if it meant chin scratches for them
  • The farmers tan returned!  ugh
  • I got to teach my nephew how to play Tetris on my smartphone
  • I was able to spend lots of time with my husband, nephew, and brother-in-laws
  • I got to buy my nephew ice cream
  • I experienced the fair in a whole new way
  • I sat in the stands with my dad and my in-laws and was a nervous wreck.  I love going to livestock shows with my Dad.  He used to do livestock judging so I learn a lot
  • I got the "#1" sign from my nephew when his heifer won Champion Angus Heifer and glares from the show ring because I was taking his picture...a lot
It's been a really fun week!  I've learned a lot, and so has my nephew.  I love this life, and even though I do things all the time I never dreamed I'd be doing, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I can't wait for next year.

I'll post pictures from tonight's show for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.


  1. You sound so proud of your nephew :) Cute- sounds like you have definitely experienced life and the fair on whole new levels this week :)

  2. Fun! Glad you are enjoying! Would be fun to sit with a livestock judge during a show!