Monday, August 1, 2011

I May Be A Freak...

I'm sure my sisters would be the first to offer their opinions on that matter.  But if I'm a freak, at least I'm an organized one!  My last few days of freedom have been spent doing projects for school, and at school, like painting stacking boxes with chalkboard paint and taking EVERYTHING out of my school cabinets and organizing.

I don't have before pictures, but let me paint you a little picture.  All those boxes (except the small ones) have sets of novels for one of my classes.  The books were all piled up in stacks on the shelves.  It was difficult to see what we had, let alone get to it.  After 3 years I couldn't take it anymore.  Thanks to Ikea organization, my closet is ready for back to school.  Maybe I'll catch up!

1 comment:

  1. I love this Megan! My students make fun of me because of being organized but I have to envy you on this one. My closets are no where near this neat!