Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Could Be Interesting....

Back in June, my dog accidentally ripped a quarter-sized hole in the middle of our comforter with her toenail.  At least that's the story I'm going with.  It's possible teeth were involved but I refuse to believe that of her.  Anyway, I wasn't too heart-broken as the comforter was beautiful, but not sturdy enough to be dog friendly.  I had been casually mentioning to my husband that the bedding should be replaced.  After some online shopping and some real shopping (I like to see things in person) I bought this set on sale from Pottery Barn.

It was definitely a splurge.  I'm not a frequent Pottery Barn shopper.  In fact, I try to replicate their ideas as much as possible.  I brought the bedding home and put it on our bed, happy in the knowledge that it could be tossed in the washer if Abby gets it dirty, unlike our previous dry clean only set.  My husband was indulgent as new master bedroom bedding wasn't exactly in the budget, and agreed when I assured him that the curtains and paint color would do for now.  I didn't exactly lie, because I did think that would be the case when I told him that...I just changed my mind quickly.  I found the blue I want to paint the walls in one of my Pottery Barn paint sample books a couple weeks ago, and my pal Ashley picked me up curtains I'd wanted but resisted buying at Ikea.  The redecoration is moving forward as soon as I get a free weekend to paint.

The curtains raise a whole new issue.  If you've not experienced Ikea, you should!  The nearest one is a tick over 2 hours away but I make the trip 3-4 times a year.  I'm a sucker for cheap Swedish furniture I guess.  One of the disadvantages is that it's cheap Swedish furniture.  There's lots of assembly, and my curtains are not hemmed.  I decided rather than ask my mother-in-law to hem them for me, I'd borrow a sewing machine and do it myself.  My sewing experience is limited, and it's been on an old Singer machine my grandma gave me that's got to be older than I am.  I'm a little overwhelmed by this computerized machine that's sitting in the guest room waiting for me to bust it out.  This could be interesting....  Wish me luck.  I'll let you know how the curtains turn out.  Luckily they're pretty inexpensive if I screw them up.


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