Sunday, June 10, 2012


I love summer break. I'm just finishing week 2. While its been busy busy, life has been full of blessings. First of all, my baby sister graduated high school a couple weeks ago. She's sort of following in big sis's footsteps. She's going to Purdue for elementary education. I'm so proud of her!!  This photo is me and my two sisters.

I'm also babysitting my niece some this summer. She's 18 months old and full of personality. Every day I'm with her she makes me laugh. Nick and I got to introduce her to the cows a few weeks ago.  We had a blast introducing her to Ladybug, and had so much fun seeing her reaction to the cows up close and personal.  She loved them, and the Big Wheels Gator, and the tractor! I absolutely love being an aunt!

Since I'm home all the time I've been able to help out my Grandma run errands and clean house. She's been so great to us, and it's nice to be able to help her now too. I was reminded this week of a time I was making pie when I was younger. Admittedly I wasn't much of a cook for the first 25 years of my life. Grandma came in and saw me making pie crust. She asked if my sister had helped me. I was insulted at the time but now it makes me laugh. I'm thankful for fun memories.

My mother in law was the feature quilter at a local show this weekend. It was awesome getting to help her set up and see all her gorgeous work. I types some information for her display and learned a lot in the process. When we took the display down today she sent my favorite quilt home with me. It's extra special for me because I helped her lay it out. She has knee surgery so I spread the blocks out on the living room floor and figured our the best layout. Right now the quilt is spread on the guest bed until I can con my dad into making me a quilt rack for this one and the other two she's made us.

Speaking of, Dad finished my pie safe refinishing. It's awesome!!  I don't have two cabinets side-by-side in my dining room...well I did for a couple of weeks, but not anymore.  Emptying the hutch, moving it, and then re-loading it was the first project I tackled when school ended.  The hutch got relocated to the living room, and the pie safe is in the dining room.  Nick still won't admit that it was a good investment, but he's not complaining about not having to go to the office for my crock pot every time I need it anymore, so I think it's been accepted.

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