Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Leak in the Floor

Earlier this week, I noticed that the edges of my Pergo flooring was starting to curl a little.  I pointed it out to my husband who assumed me it was nothing but seasonal swelling.  I don't think Pergo is plagued by that.  This morning I started the dishwasher and went back to the kitchen about an hour later and there was water seeping up from under the flooring in the cracks.  That would explain the curling of the floor boards.  Apparently our 11-year-old dishwasher has begun to leak dump water under the flooring.  Nick decided that fixing it probably isn't the thing to do considering the door is shot and the thing hasn't worked all that great since we moved in.  BUT because my husband insists on working overtime so it will be Saturday night before we can go pick out another, and then probably Tuesday before we actually get it.

I admit I'm not looking forward to going at least a week dishwasher-less.  I've been spoiled.  I've had a dishwasher since I was old enough to do dishes.  I lived without a dishwasher in my itty-bitty apartment during my Bloomington days for 3 years, and I didn't enjoy doing dishes every night.  It's quite possible that for the next week my husband will be eating his dinner off of paper plates and using Solo cups.

And so, our leak in the floor brings about our first home improvement project...this could be interesting....

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  1. I like your new layout! Hope this whole event goes smoothly for you all.