Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the New Experiences Continue...

As if dealing with the break-in at my parent's house on Tuesday morning wasn't enough, I got to experience another first yesterday. I rode in a cop car! When my sister-in-law called Friday night and asked me to go to Cincinnati to the Ikea store I was pretty excited. I'd never been and was anxious to see the place for myself (yet another new experience).  She picked me up in her Ford SUV which I didn't think twice about.  I ride in the same kind of SUV to work every other week.  It was all good.

I found some great picture frames and a shelf that will go in the kitchen to house my cookbooks. It was on the way home that we had a bit of an issue. My sister-in-law breaked for a turning car and her car started losing power. We were in a little town called Dillsboro when the car lost power completely and we had to pull to the shoulder. We sat there about 5 minutes when a good-samaritan police officer (as police officers usually are) came to help us. He called a tow truck for us and when it got there 20 minutes later, the cop very kindly gave us a ride to the mechanic's shop and waited to maked sure the vehicle was going to be driveable. I'd never been in a cop car before. I rode in the front and had to hold the radar gun.

The mechanic informed us that both the battery and alternator were bad.  He replaced the battery but didn't think we'd make it home.  Although my fabulous friend Molly agreed to drive to Aurora from North Vernon to rescue us, we decided to get the car back as far as we could.  We made it to the McDonald's drive-thru in Seymour...that's right THE DRIVE-THRU!!  My sister-in-law went to pay for my nieces "Mac" (her burger of choice) and the window refused to budge...a familiar symptom.  As she was pulling to the second window, the car died.  So what does Megan do?  She tells her sister-in-law to put it in neutral and she'd push it out of the way, even though said sister-in-law told her that she couldn't.

The people in the car behind me looked at me like I was if they've never seen a car broken down in the McD's drive thru.  But I did push the car to safety in a nearby parking spot.  At least this time we had access to a cool building and food rather than being stranded at the side of the highway with no a/c and a sleeping 5-year old.  Since my husband knew exactly where we were, he came to rescue us.  We had to stop and jumpstart my sister-in-law's car again on the way home, but we made it back to town and took her car directly to the mechanic shop.  That brought our trip to Ikea to a close, as well as a pretty eventful week.  I'm really hoping next week is a little tamer.

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