Monday, July 26, 2010

The "If" Game

My husband and I talk about everything from the practical to completely ridiculous.  One of the things we he does a lot is what I call the if game.  Maybe it's part of his analytical nature, but he has a tendency to think about a situation and go into his "well if this happens, then we need to do this.  And if this goes wrong, we'll do this..."  To be honest, most of the time I tune it out and just throw in the appropriate 'uh-huhs'

About the only 'if game' I can get into is "If we win the lottery..."  We discuss this one usually when we're on our way to buy something that's going to be on the expensive side.  So here's a list of things we're going to do when we win the lottery (in no particular order)...

1.  Quit our jobs so that Nick can farm full time and I can be a stay-at-home Mom (when the time comes) and do book keeping for the farm.  Needless to say, lots of money would be spent on the farm.

2.   Build the dream house.  Yes, there's a dream house.  You can see it here.  We'd love to build this house whether we win the lottery or not.  But with lottery money it would be easier and have those things that we could live without like granite countertops and fancy schmancy closet organizers.

3.  Buy new vehicles.  Nick wants an F-350 and I'm thinking I want a Mercedes convertible but we'll have to have a family vehicle too.

4. Give money to our families.  Nick's already decided on the amounts we'd give to our parents, my sisters and his brothers and best friend/boyfriend.  (No, my husband isn't gay...but he and his best friend have been attached at the hip since forever, so we wives call them boyfriends).

5.  Buy Campbellsburg and turn it into a Southern Indiana version of Little Nashville.  I want that little building south of Jimmy's that used to be the video store for a photo gallery. 

The rest we'll invest.  And while all this is fun to dream about, please don't think we're discontent with what we have.  Quite the opposite, we're very blessed and quite thankful for what we have.  But it is fun to make out plans for the money we haven't won yet.  It should also be noted that neither of us play the lottery with any regularity.  We're one of those couple who just buys a couple of tickets when the pot is like 500 million.


  1. haha... The "what if" game sounds like Chris Cook... He does that all the time! I swear they are like brothers! Chris and I always say we will do something when we win the lottery and we NEVER play... not that we are opposed, Chris is just really tight with his money! haha! Great blog! Made me laugh!

  2. I just realized... you and I are "the other women"

  3. Ashley, it does not surprise me AT ALL that Chris Cook plays the if game. Too funny!!

    Ohmygosh Shannon, you're right!! That is hysterical!